For over 15 years I’ve been telling other people’s stories with both my documentary and client work. I love telling these stories but never wanted to tell my own.

Two things stopped me from telling my own story.

First, when I was a teen I was told that I should not tell people about myself. Specifically, I was told not to tell people I was a vegetarian because people wouldn’t like me. Apparently being a vegetarian offended some people.

Second, when I was working on my documentary, Beard Club, I was criticized publicly, by a guy writing for a blog about beards, for talking about my film with enthusiasm. 

These two things led to my decision to hide. 

Maybe you are hiding, too.

That is a problem. If I look out on the art, film or business landscape the most successful people and companies have dug deep. They share their purpose with the world. And it is in their sharing that they connect with their audience and find success.

Somehow, however, when I was primarily a video producer, I found that clients wanted to throw the task over the wall. They tried to avoid meeting to even talk about the story. Alternatively, many clients want to replicate an example from another successful campaign without understanding how the approach worked or didn't work with their goals..

It is taking the time to understand your whyyour audience and the transformation you provide, that makes for an authentic video script, a good product story, a compelling customer profile, or an engaging story of a place.

The story development process is the key to a successful video.

It also underlies a successful business, art career, or creative career.

My favorite part of the video production process has been the act of discovering the story, whether that be through conversations, documentary interviews, research or field visits.

My role is to listen for those moments of resonance; of passion, pain, surprise, laughter, and joy that slip out when you forget your filter. Behind the layers of should and must together we uncover and your story, one that feels like you, whether that you is one person or an organization.

In fact, I was looking for someone to do the same thing for me, to ask me the transformation questions and listen for resonance.

After trying to find this other person for five years, paying coaches, taking writing programs, hiring editors, I ended up disappointed each time, I finally decided to take my questions and ask myself. I journaled my responses. And I read my writing, looking for what jumped off the page.

Finally, I had my story. 

Now I am here to help you find YOUR story



Work seen online in the New York Times, Upworthy, Momentum Magazine, 7x7, KQED and various other national and international blogs and journals, Hot Docs International Film Festival, Transportation Festival, Ukraine.