Podcast: The importance of planning

Podcast:  The importance of planning

With the speed and volume of social media content increasing almost daily, it can feel like you need to create content at a faster rate.

But sticky content, stories that stick, actually take time to produce.   

Back in March I spoke to the Executive Creative Director and founder of Silicon Valley based motion design studio Swordfish Matt Silverman along with Executive Producer, Kathryn Bodle.  

Together they share their strategies for producing award winning content.

Podcast: Seeing is understanding

Podcast:  Seeing is understanding

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Right now so much of what is being produced is focused on narratives that are negative or commercial.

But people are craving a deeper connection.  

That is what Executive Director Darcy Brown believes.  She heads up SF Beautiful, an organization whose mission is to preserve the diversity of San Francisco’s neighborhood character.   They have been instrumental in creating and delivering community-centered art.

Podcast: Maya Zuckerman on 360 design approach to storytelling

Podcast:  Maya Zuckerman on 360 design approach to storytelling

Last week I was traveling in Eastern Europe and I was struck by the number of statues commemorating war heroes.  I saw multiple hero squares and countless statues of men on horses with swords in the air.

You can’t walk far without seeing signs of strife and struggle being glorified. 

Yet speaking to the young people here in Europe, so many of them are looking towards a future that is based on conserving resources, sharing, and community.   They are building a life based on a new narrative.

In my interview with Maya Zuckerman, she shares her ideas for a new narrative which she calls The Collective Journey.  We talked about how social change organizations can use this narrative. 

Designing media worthy video content

Designing media worthy video content

What is media worthy video content and why would you want to create it?

Well, media worthy video content, as I see it, comes in two main categories.

  1. The more traditional, generally longer form (1-5 minutes) thought provoking content that sheds new light on a problem, solution or provide useful information
  2. The now popular social content, short (15-30 seconds) shareable content that links back to a bigger newsworthy media worthy campaign

In general, media-worthy content contains information that is new, unique, thought provoking.  It may be tied to current issues or new understandings of an issue.

The focus of the video tends to be less about you and your organization and more about the audience and what concerns them.