Your Story is Not Your Bio

Your Story is Not Your Bio

Over the past year, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with storytelling. 

I haven’t been watching films or television. I’ve been listening to podcasts about artists, makers, doers and looking at how the most interesting stories are told. 

I feel like so many people struggle with telling their story. And when they do tell it, often people start at the beginning, their own ‘once upon a time.’

But we are no longer in a ‘once upon a time’ world. We’re past beginnings and want to jump to the point.

I found something common across the best told stories. 

They all offer a vision.

Why getting to Your Why is difficult for creatives

Why getting to Your Why is difficult for creatives

Your “why” these days has a very specific connotation. The author, motivational speaker and organization Simon Sinek introduced this idea to millions with his TEDx talk, “How great leaders inspire action.”

His idea: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Basically, according to Sinek, most people talk about what they do, what they offer, and that is not interesting. So an artist who puts their heart and soul into the work and talk about what they do will have fewer followers, fewer buyers, less interest than an artist who talks about why they do their art or creative work.

So this why is important. It makes a difference between selling, showing, sharing your work, or not.

Unlocking Your Story: Tune into your enthusiasm

Unlocking Your Story: Tune into your enthusiasm

For some reason, when many creatives think of telling their story, negative thoughts flood their mind.

Maybe this is you, too?

Have you sat down to write your About Me story or video script and then immediately think of all the aspects of your work you want to improve, wonder if your work is any good, or start to list out the ways your work is not living up to its potential?  

If you find yourself in this place, do not worry. It doesn’t mean that you should change directions. It just means, you are human.