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You want to create some customer testimonials.  But how do you get your customers on board?


Here are a few tips on who to ask and how to find them.

Why should your customers participate in a customer testimonial video?

When your customer participates in a video:

- they get free publicity

- they are able to demonstrate their smarts (how they save time or money or find more enjoyment by using your product)

- it is social proof for their company/brand

- and people love to be on film and be part of the fun

Who should you ask to be on video?

The answer depends on your goals.  

Are you trying to highlight certain products of features, find a customer that loves that product/feature.  

Are you trying to reach a new type of customer, find a customer that has similar characteristics to your new ideal customer.

Is there a customer that just loves your product and has a great story they would like to share, ask that customer to participate.

How do you find these customers?

How you find your customers depends on how you sell to your customers.  If you sell directly to your customers, either through a sales team or by yourself, you’ll have a great degree of access versus if you sell a product online or in a storefront where you do not meet your customer directly.

When selling directly to customers:

Your Connections

If you are an entrepreneur/solopreneur or have relationships with your customers, you can be the person to ask for your customer’s participation in your video testimonial.

Sales Teams

If you have a sales team or account team, the people on those teams tend to have the closest relationships to the customer and will have the best sense of who is a happy customer.

However, the sales and account teams are not always incentivized to help coordinate customers for video testimonials.  It will take the sales teams time and energy to coordinate schedules and legal paperwork.  You need the help of the both the teams and the management.    So having a pitch together on why customer testimonials will benefit THEM by helping make their jobs easier should be part of your process.  

Additionally, find out where you can help make the process easier for their teams.  

Once the team is on board:

- Be very specific about what attributes you are looking to feature.  

- Provide your sales team with a pitch they can use when asking the customer to participate.

- Help with the legal process by having release forms ready.

- Be available to answer questions.

Making the Pitch

Before making the pitch, acknowledge how happy you are to have them as a customer.  Let them know that you are working on a new customer testimonial video featuring x product and describe your launch plans.  Then let them know that you’d love their participation and ask if they would be interested.  Short and sweet.

If they agree, let them know up front how much of a time commitment you expect from them.  This will depend on where you plan to film.  Will it be in their own offices or at a remote location or conference. It will also depend on what type of footage you plan to film.  Is it just an interview or do you want to film them using your product.

Then start making plans for creating a great customer testimonial video!

Finding your customers when you do not have direct contact with your customers:

If you don’t have direct relationships with your customer, you can still find customers who would love to participate in a video testimonial.  You just might need to be creative in finding these customers.

Here are a few ideas.

Social Media:  

If you are active in social media, you might already have direct relationships with your customers, just not in person.  You can reach out to people you interact with on Twitter/FB/Instagram directly or put together some type of contest to help you find the best customers.

Since your customers will be in various locations, probably in places where you are not able to go directly, you might need to get creative on how to include them in your customer testimonial videos. You can interview and record them on Skype, have them send in photos and a quote, or you can hire a local film crew for a more professional look.

Trade Shows and Conferences:  

If you are attending a trade show, it is possible that a number of your customers will also be there.  Put the word out and see if you can take some time to do a short interview on site or in the local conference hotel.

Person on the Street:  

If you have a consumer product, you can find customers at the shops where your products are sold.  You might even collaborate with the shop owners who might also want to talk about your product.

Customer testimonials can be a great way to tell your story to potential new customers while deepening your relationship with your existing customers.  Have any questions about the process, share your questions or comments below.