Guide to Successful Online Video for Social Media in 2016

I’m really interested in transportation and moving efficiently from point A to point B.  When I lived in New York City I would watch the lights from ½ block away to pre-plan which direction I’d walk when I hit the intersection so I wouldn’t have to stop and wait.

I was looking for the point of least resistance.

Today I live and bike in San Francisco and have added another criteria to this movement pattern. I also try to take the calmest, most attractive route.

In the realm of online landscapes, you want your video to be a welcome part of the scenery, not a speed bump.

Your content has to mesh with where people are online and what they are doing there.

And your same people are on different platforms at different times for different reasons.

They go to YouTube to search for answers to their questions whether that is specific, “How do I put on tire chains?” or general “What is global warming?”

When creating video content for your audience, you want to look at where they will be viewing the content and what would pique their interest on that particular platform.

You don’t want your audience to have to take a detour.

Here is a short guide on what type of content works on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and your website.

Infographic: Video for the Social Media Landscape


To summarize, this is the type of content that will resonate with your viewers when they come to these different platforms.

YouTube:  Create video content that will help people understand the bigger issues related to your topic or business

Website:  Address questions people may have about your vision or approach to a problem they would like to solve

Instagram:  Create content that is inspirational, that lets people imagine themselves in a different place and time

Facebook:  Share content that is inspirational or answers larger societal or issue related questions for larger reach

When looking at video content strategies for 2016, keep this in mind.

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