Recently I’ve had several people ask me about making a video for their website.  

I got a funny feeling in my gut about those requests but couldn’t really say why.

That is, until I realized that I don’t make videos for websites.  I make video for your business, for your brand, cause or sales funnel.

To me, making a video for a website feels like making a used car commercial back in the days of when most people watched television on the TV set.  Those types of commercials did not play during prime time viewing where the bigger brands ran commercials but during off hours and less popular programming to people who were probably more distracted during their viewing.  Because of that the commercials would yell at you to get your attention.

Today, maybe the video content is better done for websites, but if made for the website and not the business, videos can languish there ignored and overlooked.

So, when I say making video for your business, what do I mean?

I’m going to go through a business and a cause example below to demonstrate the thought process that I go through when assessing a need for a video and what type of story would meet that need.


Let’s look at an example of an entrepreneur who wants to make an About Me page for their website because they are not getting enough conversions of prospects to clients.

You see that most of the people coming to your website drop out at the About Me page.  

Why are they going to your About Me page in the first place?  

Are they visiting your product/work with me pages and then going there and leaving your site?  

Or are they bypassing those pages and jumping from your front page to your About Me page to get a better understanding of what you do?

Maybe your visitors are going to your About Me page because they are confused when they come to the home page of your website.  And maybe you’d rather have your visitors go to your Products or Work With Me page.

It might be that if you have a compelling video on your front page that demonstrates your products or your business and your value.  Asking people that land on your website to watch a two minute video that explains your business can be very effective at getting those interested in learning more to dig deeper into your site and learn more about your offering.

Makers of software or online applications do this very effectively. They are able to explain a complex idea in a short amount of time.  

For physical products, having a video playing on the background of the front page showing people using your products is a great way to get immediate engagement with your viewers.

When doing story development, it is important to look at the business problem you want to solve and how best to address it through story both from a video creation and video placement perspective.


Let’s look at a scenario of an organization that is working on a new campaign for their cause.

They want to create a video for their campaign page.  Yet at the beginning of their campaign, they have no traffic to their campaign page.

One option is to create a series of videos that will help drive people over to the campaign page.

Having little organic traffic to the campaign site, people would be more likely view the video from a link from a newsletter, embedded on a blog talking about the campaign or they may stumble upon it while searching for information on the topic on YouTube.

In this case, the primary viewership would be on YouTube (through various embeds and links) rather than your website.  By the time people come to your website they are ready to take action.

Likewise, you can create a series of compelling clips that you place on Instagram and Facebook that drives people to a link to the YouTube video and then drives them to your website.

Where can video work for you?

I believe in creating video that will help move the needle for your business or your cause.

Here are some of the business problems where video is most effective.

  • building a sales funnel

  • addressing objections

  • illustrating benefits

  • explaining complex ideas

If you are thinking of integrating video into your business, think beyond the website.  

Think about your business, brand, cause or sales funnel and imagine how your audiences are viewing your online story.  Imagine where they might experience gaps or confusion in your message.  These are the places where video and a well told story on film can be most helpful.

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