Photo:  Nestor Ferrero, Autofoto tecnologica

Photo:  Nestor Ferrero, Autofoto tecnologica

Are you creating videos for YouTube but no one seems to be watching.

Or you unsure what ideas to share so your YouTube video plan is always on the back burner?

Why do some people seems to have thousands of views and others almost nothing?

Sometimes a video is never even found because the title is wrong or the video was posted without any kind of launch in place.

That is content for another blog post.

What I’m concerned with here are videos that are ignored and forgotten because they were all about your great ideas, and unfortunately, those ideas did not connect to your audience.

Answer questions people are already asking.

For YouTube, I take the approach of thought leadership as supplying an interesting take on questions people are already asking.

That may seem simple but I see a lot of companies using YouTube as a platform to reinvent the way people see their industry or the solutions they are bringing to a problem.

They then use their invented language to describe their unique, and groundbreaking approach.

Yes, it may have taken these companies years of experience, trial and error, frustrations with things not working, and then a lot of effort to find this innovative solution.

But people who use YouTube are using it as a search engine.  They are using it to search for specific solutions to problems they have now.

You need to build a bridge from where your audience IS NOW to where you want them to END UP. 

In order for people to find your video and be inspired to watch, you can’t start out with your super unique approach—you need to build a bridge and condense your education into a pathway for your audience to join you in coming to your same conclusion.

Simple right?

It turns out this is not so simple for a number of reasons.  

  • You’ve forgotten your journey.  
  • You can’t remember what it was like before your insight.  
  • You are so embedded in your new ideas you think people think the same way you do.

When this happens, your message and video can turn out like this:

In the video the speaker uses jargon, the speaker criticizes the old way of doing things, and in the end fails to explain how easy or difficult it is to make the change to this next big idea and fails to land the benefits of making a change.

The video fails to take the audience on a journey of understanding.

When you are creating a story that demonstrates your thought leadership on a topic, whether for a TED Talk, a conference presentation or a video, you are taking your audience on a journey.

One way of doing this is to create a narrative that starts where your audience is today and takes them along YOUR PATH OF DISCOVERY to your solution.

Thought leadership is offering a solution to a problem.  

Three questions to ask yourself before building your story:

1.  Where are they at the start?

  • What do they know about you?
  • What do they think they know about you? 
  • What do they know about the problem? 
  • What do they know about your solution?
  • What do they think they know about your solution?
  • What are they thinking about today that relates to your topic? 

2.  What are the concrete examples you can give that will help people cross the bridge

3.  Where do you want them to end up?

  • What one thing do you want them to know about you?
  • How do you want them to understand the problem differently?
  • What one thing do you want them to know about your solution?
  • Will that one thing inspire the action you want them to take?

This journey is the foundation of a video that your ideal audience will want to watch and draw inspiration from and share.

Once you’ve defined the journey, the video itself can take any number of different shapes depending on the content and your budget.

Thinking of creating thought leadership content?  I have two action items for you.

1.  Think about what questions your potential questions are asking about the problem you solve.  Pick one.

2.  Come up with one more stories that you share that addresses this questions?

Feel free to share you ideas in the comments below.  And if you liked this article, hit the heart below and share with friends or colleagues who might enjoy these ideas.