Do you have video you don't know how to use?

If you are reading post, you may have done this. You’ve had an event you decided to film or started filming some interviews and aspect of your work but weren’t quite sure how to create stories from your footage, let alone how to share those stories. 

It might be that you took some initial steps:

  • Someone started editing but didn’t have time to finish.
  • You started looking at the footage and felt overwhelmed.
  • An editor came on board but without a clear direction, they spent weeks sifting through the footage and created something you didn’t need.
  • Maybe your video feels boring to you, just someone up at the podium talking? 
  • Or maybe you edited something down but it felt too long.
  • Or maybe you didn’t even know where to start so no one has even looked at the footage you collected.

Alternatively, maybe you have great ideas but haven’t even started filming them because you are afraid of having piles of unlooked at footage.

Here are the first three steps you can take to start defining what you would like to do with your footage and start discovering what stories you can make that will help share your message and increase the impact of the work you do.

  1. Clarify your current goals:  It no longer matters what the goal was when you started filming.  Moving forward you want to look at what your goals are now. 
  2. Think like your audience:  What do they think about your issue?  How are their lives being impacted by this issue?  What do they desire?  What do they fear?  Where are they spending their time online? 
  3. Define your message:  What do you really want to say to your audience?  This is 2017, there is a lot of fear focused messaging, can you say your message in a way that is based on hope?   I honestly think hope is a more powerful motivator than fear.

Once you’ve done this foundational work, then look at your footage again and assess whether what you have “in the can” is material that will help you achieve your current objectives.

Sometimes the answer is yes.  If so then consider getting interviews transcribed, hiring an editor, and creating videos that help you reach your goals.

If the answer is no, rethink how you approach capturing and editing video going forward.

If you want more information on the fundamental strategies you need when assessing video projects, check out my new training series.  I labeled the series Change is Possible, because I do believe that not only is change possible but it is necessary.



As a filmmaker for over 12 years and marketer for over 15, I bring together both disciplines to help purpose driven organizations leverage video to reach bigger audiences and increase their impact. I’m excited to be working with clients launching big campaigns in 2017 and looking forward to sharing more information as they launch.

In the meantime, to learn the steps needed to make video work for your organization, check out this free Video Starter Kit to help you make a bigger impact in 2017. Useful to both executive directors as well as marketing team members. Find it here.