TREND: Using Video Stories to Bridge the Social Divide

We know that social media and the availability of more and more specialized streams of media is helping to put a wedge in our collective way of seeing the world.  It is easy to filter our news and just hear stories based on our current beliefs.

But there are ways that different voices are breaking through and bridging the divide.

More and more we need to bridge the divide if we are going to see real change for the better from the impacts of climate change, economic inequality, racial issues,

How can we bridge that divide?

One vehicle is through using video to share personal stories.

Audiences connect to authenticity and personal stories of people impacted by these issues allow you to present thoughtful insights on the problems and solutions in a way that feels authentic.

What works today:

  • Tell stories through a lens of the voices of impacted communities. 

  • Share stories grounded in hope, not fear.

  • Uplift the strengths of impacted communities, rather than highlighting their weaknesses. 

There is a dignity in sharing the voices in the words of those whose stories you’d like to tell.



As a filmmaker for over 12 years and marketer for over 15, I bring together both disciplines to help purpose driven organizations leverage video to reach bigger audiences and increase their impact. I’m excited to be working with clients launching big campaigns in 2017 and looking forward to sharing more information as they launch.

In the meantime, to learn the steps needed to make video work for your organization, check out this free Video Starter Kit to help you make a bigger impact in 2017. Useful to both executive directors as well as marketing team members. Find it here.