Designing media worthy video content

What is media worthy video content and why would you want to create it?

Well, media worthy video content, as I see it, comes in two main categories.

  1. The more traditional, generally longer form (1-5 minutes) thought provoking content that sheds new light on a problem, solution or provides useful information
  2. The now popular social content, short (15-30 seconds) shareable content that links back to a bigger newsworthy campaign

In general, media-worthy content contains information that is new, unique, thought provoking.  It may be tied to current issues or new understandings of an issue.

The focus of the video tends to be less about you and your organization and more about the audience and what concerns them.

Generally, the video itself can be used by the media as an introduction to the topic that they write further about.  This is where including more details in your video description online or in links back to a web page or Facebook page or some other associated web page can help the reporter and help your chances of getting coverage.  Reporters are also pressed for time these days, helping them by sharing additional details can boost your chances of them writing about and sharing your video.

So when creating your videos, be aware of your target audience. 

Opting for quick social shares to build awareness of a topic you may want to create shorter, less nuanced but provocative social pieces. 

If you are looking for more in depth media coverage, you may need more time in order to provide more details and nuance.  This doesn’t equate to a video that is long, boring, or less engaging.  Instead, it means telling a more complete story.  It means answering more of the audience’s questions.  And often, a more complete story means a more interesting story.

Once your video is done, you need to be prepared to do the work to get your video into the hands (or emails) of the media – be it your favorite blogger, industry news, or national media.

To explore the steps needed to make video work for your organization, check out this free Video for Social Change Series