Make one video shoot go farther

What if I told you I could double your productivity?  You invest one hour and get twice as much cookie dough with the same ingredients – or in this case, you can make double the number of videos with the same footage.

Over the last two years I’ve been doing just this with several of my clients – in one case we managed to repurpose footage from one shoot over eight videos!  We are finding ways to tell more stories per shoot than the original one story that was first envisioned. 

How can we do this?

Well, in the case of human stories and interview based storytelling, you usually end up with way more footage than you can use for one video.  In our case, that is what we had.

Over time, the campaign expanded and we could tell more layers of the story to our same and growing audience.

So you can have great content that initially you can not use, and later leverage those interviews for different stories.

You can also plan in advance to maximize your shoots, and acquire footage for multiple videos in one shoot. 

For example, you decide to document an event you are holding and during the break, capture some interviews of audience members saying why they think this topic is important.

Or you have plans for one video but add some additional questions so you have materials for a second video down the road.

There are various ways to make your video shoots more productive. 

To explore the steps needed to make video work for your organization, check out this free Video for Social Change Series