Deep Content and what this means for online video

With of the rise of micro-content, we are seeing the rise of deep content.

Not only are television producers creating more and more binge worthy content, but now content creators are curating deep content by telling the many facets of a story through a series of articles or a dedicated web platform. 

People love to dive deep into topics they are interested in, whether that is through searching YouTube, using the web to research different facets of the story, or spending time on a curated site.

It has never been easier to curate your own deep content.  One example would be to create video that shares a personal story that links back to web content that provide additional detail, stories and information.

By curating both video and text, you can present a layered depiction of your issue.  Your video content can be more personal, emotional, and complex while the written content can provide even more details and facts.  Expand on the depth of your content by then linking out to video of a lecture or workshop you gave on the topic.

The key is to structure how your audience accesses the content.  They may discover your work through a short social media post be it Tweet, video, YouTube video, media mention or mention by a partner in a newsletter.  Arriving at your website, they are then treated to a pathway that lets them explore the issue and information about your organization in a way that is organic and allows them to meander, learn, question, and discover more layers of your story.

Don’t be afraid to go deep.

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