Knowing Your Audience Helps You Create Better Stories

How we measure the success of our video, impacts how much impact we make.

More views do not always translate to more impact.  Cat videos get millions of views.  They may provide stress reduction, which has value, but they don’t necessarily increase animal adoption rates.

Action is a better measure of your success.  Can you create a video that shares a message, deeply connects with your viewers, and inspires your audience to take action? 

Whether you are working as a social change entrepreneur, for a nonprofit or for the government, it is important that before you start your video, that you take the time to understand the motivations and background of your target audience.

In this video I go over five attributes you should know about your audience that will help you share your story and create the outcome you want to make.

  1. Who are you targeting?
  2. What are their concerns?
  3. Where are they hanging out online?
  4. What is their level of engagement on that platform (Scrolling vs searching)
  5. How much do they know about your issue and mission?

The answers to these questions will help inform the story you tell, where you share that story and identify the next step in bringing about your mission.

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