360 Design Approach to Storytelling [Podcast]

Last week I was traveling in Eastern Europe and I was struck by the number of statues commemorating war heroes.  I saw multiple hero squares and countless statues of men on horses with swords in the air.

You can’t walk far without seeing signs of strife and struggle being glorified. 

Yet speaking to the young people here in Europe, so many of them are looking towards a future that is based on conserving resources, sharing, and community.   They are building a life based on a new narrative.

In my interview with Maya Zuckerman, she shares her ideas for a new narrative which she calls The Collective Journey.  We talked about how social change organizations can use this narrative. 

In part, this is based on is creating a strong vision for the future which is based on action.  This is something that any organization, of any size, can do to move their mission forward.

We also spoke about using 360 design approach to develop successful campaigns and how well positioned social change organizations are to do this type of design thinking because they are already working on creating movements.

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This Beautiful Shot is Not an Accident, Episode #002:  Maya Zuckerman