Seeing is Understanding [Podcast]

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Right now so much of what is being produced is focused on narratives that are negative or commercial.

But people are craving a deeper connection.  

That is what Executive Director Darcy Brown believes.  She heads up SF Beautiful, an organization whose mission is to preserve the diversity of San Francisco’s neighborhood character.   They have been instrumental in creating and delivering community-centered art.

In this week's podcast I speak with Darcy and Communications Manager Peter Clarke about how they are using video and social media to increase awareness of their mission and programs.

Although a small organization, they have decided that working with video is a valuable way to expand the reach of their program and showcase the artists they work with.  In doing so they are giving the opportunity for artists in San Francisco who would otherwise be unseen or unheard to have a voice.

They recently launched a series of artist profile videos where winners of their 2017 Muni Art Project share stories of how they came to participate in the program and how their art relates to San Francisco.   SF Beautiful works with the San Francisco transit authority to showcase their work on 50 buses running throughout San Francisco.  

SF Beautiful Artist Profile

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