Customer Story - CORO

Laura provided a fresh approach to our fundraising video, including voices of our graduates as a way of showcasing the diversity of the students we serve as well as the far-reaching impact that our programs have on our political system, businesses, and our communities at large.
— Laney Whitcanack, Executive Director, CORO Northern California

Project Background - Strategic Consulting

Approaching their 20th Anniversary, CORO decided to create a video that highlighted their diverse accomplishments.  


The Approach

How does one approach representing an organization's 20 year history?  When starting the project I was presented with the idea of pulling from a long history of photos of part events and participants.  Instead of looking backwards, we gave a nod to the history by speaking to graduates from various programs while looking forward.

Sometimes one voice is not enough.  When working on a story with a diverse set of points of view, a strong narrative can be built by weaving together many voices reflecting on the same theme.

CORO, is a leadership program that embraces diversity.  Fellows are chosen for their varied backgrounds and exposed to a wide range of organizational experiences including nonprofit, business, government, politics and education.

The video explores the challenges of leadership and defines CORO's role in developing a new generation of leaders.


CORO is a nonpartisan leadership training organization focused on redefining leadership.  CORO builds leaders who are catalysts for change.

Going forward we have a wealth of material to pull from as we think of leveraging our initial video shoot for new campaigns and new ways of connecting with our audience and sharing our stories.
— Laney Whitcanack, Executive Director, CORO Northern California