Customer Story - Earthworks

In 2016, we had the huge task or creating 66 under one-minute personal stories of people impacted by oil and gas production.  The added challenge, interviews were shot around the country by a mix of professionals and regular staff.
— Molly Dutton, Campaign Project Manager, Earthworks

Project Background - DIY Storytelling

Earthworks has been in the field, collecting evidence of toxic pollution leaks from oil and gas facilities.  In 2015 they started interviewing local residents and gathering stories of of impact of living near these oil and gas facilities.


The Project:  

Take existing raw interviews and create a video campaign

The Outcome:  #CutMethane Video Series

  • 66 profile pieces (30-60 seconds)
  • 4 #CutMethane state videos for media
  • 4 #CutMethane state videos for social
  • 1 media/ 1 social National #CutMethane video

Collecting and sharing personal stories is becoming a more and more important way for organizations to share their vision and make an impact. 

People are craving stories that break the surface and touch them emotionally.  Stories allow for this connection.  And through these stories, technical information and statistics have a place to land.

Earthwork's stories have been shared on the Oil and Gas Threat Map, illustrating the impacts of existing oil and gas facilities.

About Earthworks

Earthworks works to protect communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption.

She exceeded our expectations, and truly facilitated our ability to tell these important stories. Laura is helping Earthworks amplify the voices of impacted communities around the country.“
— Molly Dutton, Campaign Project Manager, Earthworks