DIY Storytelling


You no longer need to wait for the media to pick up your story.  You can create and share your own story.

In fact, you don't even need a professional crew to create video that has impact.  These days, even cell phones are powerful enough to capture good images.

But how do you do this?

How can your staff or volunteers capture content that can be part of a story, not just data on a hard drive?

How can you ensure that what you release is seen, is engaging and moves your mission forward?



With video, you want to change the way people see the world and feel about your issue.  

The first step in accomplishing this is defining which stories will accomplish this goal.  

Using proven processes:

  • we clarify your goals and intended impact,
  • assess your audiences goals, current beliefs and concerns,
  • and define how you will reach your audience.  

This 90-minute session will provide the background information that will allow us to define your video strategy and configure a customized training for your staff and volunteers.



Working with staff and volunteers, you are generally documenting events, talks, and your work in the field.

That documentation involves two types of filming - interviews and visuals.  Our training focuses on the steps necessary to do both of these types of filming well.

But more than technical techniques, we talk about the essential ingredients to capture the stories you want to tell - using story roadmaps, customized questions and visual story ideas based on your specific story needs.

Training options include half day in-person workshop and live online web-based training series.



In addition to training, we share tools for the different aspects of production, from planning to filming as well as cheat sheets for launching your video so it will be seen.

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Roadmaps
  • Cheat sheets
  • Visual identity guidelines

And finally, we offer footage review, story consultation and editing advice.


These are exciting times. There is more possibility for you to get your message out to larger numbers of people who care about your mission.  If you are ready to give video a go, let's talk and create a pathway for successfully sharing your story.