Have you ever thought
that video would be great for your campaign
but you wonder

- I'm not sure if it makes sense to do video for our campaign?

- I'm not sure what story to tell?

- I have too many other priorities on my plate right now.

- I'm not sure if we have the budget.


Pursuing purpose driven work,
you probably already have too much on your plate.

Yet video is one of the most powerful tools available for you to get across your message on an emotional level.

Figuring out the best strategy by reading tons of articles and watching YouTube videos on how to tell your story, well you just don't have time for that.


I've designed this Power Story Session to help you:

> Uncover the story strategy that will move your audience into action
- Identify your hook to capture your audience's attention
-Build out your audience journey to inspire action

> Create a concept document to share with your video team

> Identify your four pillars of success



  • Sign up for a 90 minute session.
  • You'll receive a pre-session questionnaire.
  • On the call we'll look at your organizational goals along with your target audience and come up with your story strategy to take your campaign to the next level.
  • We'll also examine the four pillars of success and outline your action plan in each area.
Screenshot 2017-08-04 09.35.43.png
  • After the call you'll receive a branded concept document, outlining your story strategy.  This is like a mini storyboard without the actual drawings. These documents help you share your ideas with stakeholders within your organization, including boards of directors.  They also give your video team a vision of the video you want to create.
  • Included in the package is one month of email and phone support.  We want you to succeed and don't want questions stop you from moving forward.


  • Having your strategy done before you bring on a video team will
  • Ensure you get a team with the right experience
  • Save you time and money, with a strategy you'll make sure your video meets your needs
  • Reduce stress because you'll know what you need to do to get your video produced and seen
  • Put you in control, your goals will be articulated so you can keep course when inevitable challenges arise, you'll know how to course correct for the best results


Investment:  $500 / 425 euros

Receive all the above (story strategy; video ready concept document; four pillars)

BONUS: A personalized roadmap outlining the next steps for each of the four pillars of success



Not sure if this is right for you?

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