If you want to do something big with your art or your business and you are introverted or shy,

then this is for you. 


Find Your Voice
Share Your Story
Convey Your Value

Sharing your story can be key to unlocking

- work opportunities,
- fulfilling partnerships,
- increased income,
- and greater focus.

In one-on-one sessions we work to uncover your core message and craft your story.

We look at why you do what you do.
Creating a story that reflects your vision.
And delivering a message that inspires your audience.

Sessions include:

- the questions you need to uncover your story
- tools to help you find your authentic voice.
- mindset tools to help you overcome mental roadblocks
- simple story structure options designed to capture the attention of your audience
- guidelines for using video to tell your story


Laura has a way of understanding our story that lets us share our message in a way that cuts through the technical and political complications and gets to what’s human about the issue.  When I have a project, I know she’ll create a powerful tool that we can use in our campaigns.
— Molly Dutton, Campaign Manager, Earthworks