Change the conversation, change the world.

Share stories that resonate,
inspire action.  

Power Story Session

Craft Your Story

Before you start your next project, let's create a plan for creating impact: define your vision; clarify your goals, plan your engagement strategy.



Create Your Success

Refine your story and create your execution plan based on the four success pillars.

Workshop 1:  Campaign video design

Workshop 2:  Working with volunteers


Get stuff done

A helping hand to get you through the video process: 

from hiring a production team to combing through footage to find the most compelling story. 

Laura has a way of understanding our story that lets us share our message in a way that cuts through the technical and political complications and gets to what’s human about the issue.  When I have a project, I know she’ll create a powerful tool that we can use in our campaigns.
— Molly Dutton, Campaign Manager, Earthworks


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