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Strategic Consulting

Planning for impact

Whether this is your first time creating video, or you've had prior experience, PLANNING FOR IMPACT is designed to help you rethink how you create and launch video based on connecting deeply with your audience through human centered storytelling.

We design a strategy for creating compelling video content to communicate your story, resonate with your audience and inspire viewers to take action.


Who Needs Strategic Consulting?

Executive Directors and marketing team members working for purpose driving organizations, looking for a cost-effective way to maximize the impact of their next video project.


building your foundation

This is the foundational work of building a successful video strategy.  

Using proven processes in our initial 90-minute session,

  • we clarify your goals and intended impact
  • assess your audiences goals, current beliefs and concerns
  • and define how you will reach your audience. 



This type of strategic planning is generally reserved for very high end advertising or design consulting firms.  As video becomes a more important part of the overall communications strategy many smaller PR, design and consulting firms are starting to offer video strategy but they often don't have the level of expertise that is required to ensure you have the best outcome for your efforts.

We work as a liaison between your organization and the video production team.  We also work in conjunction with your communications and marketing teams and make sure the video plan integrates with current strategies.

Our action plans ensure you do not waste precious resources creating beautiful videos that don't get seen and slick videos that don't pull at the heartstrings of your audience.



Video is a powerful tool for connecting to viewers on an emotional level.  Our mission is to develop a video strategy that enables you to reach your audience in today's busy online environment, and create an emotional connection that inspires action.  

If you are looking to inspire action and want to leverage the power of video, let's talk.


As a non-partisan leadership training organization working with change makers of tomorrow, we find it challenging to tell our story. 
Laura provided a fresh approach to our fundraising video, showcasing the diversity of the students we serve as well as the far-reaching impact that our programs have on our political system, businesses, and our communities at large.  She did this while also managing to communicate the unique approach CORO takes in training students. 
— Laney Whitcanack, Executive Director, CORO NorCal