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Video Production


The most compelling videos are made up of memorable moments, captured by a crew who are attuned to the subject, are deep listeners, know how to ask the right questions, and are genuinely curious.

Planning out your story is only the first step in the process.  

Video production, gets you the raw materials to use to tell that story.


Capturing your stories

Small crews.  Multiple languages.  Distant locations. 

With 12+ years of experience filming for documentaries in various parts of the world from China to Mexico, Buenos Aires to Germany, we have experience telling stories and capturing a sense of time, space and memorable moments.

Based on your needs we scale up with other experienced specialists including camera people, audio engineers, graphic designers and animators.  


filming with heart

Capturing moments requires more than just technical skills.  It requires big hearts - to listen for the core of the story, to know when to lean in and when to let the silence open new doors, and to know where to go next.

Not all of our work requires this level of listening or sharing but it is more fun to work with crew who care about your subject, not just lenses and lighting.  


crafting for connection

Once we have the raw ingredients, it is time to craft the story for connection.  From capturing your audiences attention to leading them through a journey of discovery up to the final call to action.

Whether that is one longer video or several shorter videos, we carefully design our videos with a busy audience in mind.  Up front research into your target audience's concerns helps us hone this approach.

We deliver visually and emotionally engaging videos that both you and your audience will love to watch and share.


Ready to start your video process, schedule a short discovery call and we can see if we are a good fit to capture your story.


Laura impressed me immediately.  I appreciated the creative way she solved problems, not only related to production, but to handle the curves that are thrown you in everyday business.  Laura always kept her cool and had a smart solution.  As result, we met the project deadlines on time and on budget, satisfying a tough client who was half a world away.
— Stuart McFaul, founder and lead strategist, Spiralgroup Marketing