Expand your messaging reach, reach more of your target goals by leveraging one of the most powerful communication methods available today and do so with confidence, maximizing your investment and assuring you efforts make the difference you desire.


This workshop is designed to take care of the heavy lifting of doing video production - both strategic planning and assembling the tools you'll need for a successful campaign.  

In addition to doing a Power Story assessment, we develop strategies for the four pillars of success (content, platforms, SEO and outreach) and develop key artwork, written materials, and legal documentation.

Bonus:  You'll be able to leverage these strategies and tools for future projects.


  • Identify what messages and stories will move the needle for your organization, helping your current set of campaigns and goals.
  • Get up to speed quickly using proven tools and methodologies saving months of study, research, trial and error:  Tools for pre-production; production; SEO and Outreach
  • Save significant time and increase your success in attracting views having a done-for-you custom graphics and style guide
  • Project management of current video creation and outreach including story development, hiring recommendations, interview question creation, post-production process project management, outreach mapping and tracking, and project review and best practices development


  • Organizational assessment – defining organizational goals; in-depth audience assessment; developing story strategies, SEO and outreach plans
  • Pre-Production Tools: Location requests; Interview requests; story-based interview questions
  • Production & Post-Production tools:  Interview guidelines; Production guidelines; Release forms; Feedback guide
  • SEO tools:  YouTube tag strategy; YouTube description strategy; FB Ads guidelines
  • Outreach tools:  Media tracking sheet; Custom sample outreach emails; Social media copy templates
  • Graphics package:  Video style guide; Online graphics style guide; Thumbnail templates; Newsletter graphics templates; FB Ads templates
  • Ongoing support – 2 months of project support including unlimited email support, help with the production hiring process, input into production process to make sure the video message is on target, editorial review and accountability for outreach




I co-developed this training to help non-profits who have enthusiastic volunteers, providing them very targeted training so they capture video to tell a story.

Our access to technology is amazing right now, but having a camera and an offer to film doesn't guarantee you'll get footage you can use in a meaningful way.

This workshop teaches the basic skills your volunteers will need based on the story you want to tell and the situation they'll be filming in.


  • Each workshop is customized to your specific needs.  Prior to training your volunteers, we have a Power Story Session and identify your video strategy.  This goes beyond the campaign video and includes looking at social media and ongoing campaign needs.
  • Once we've identified your needs and the types of events/interviews/protests your volunteers will be filming, we customize the workshop to address the types of stories you will be creating.
  • Training includes:  visual storytelling and interview techniques. 


Avoid collecting hard drives full of video that you can't use.

Collect meaningful video that will help you tell powerful, emotional stories.


  • Power Story Strategy covering your campaign and social media needs
  • Customized training so your volunteers and staff are equipped to go out on location and capture story worthy content
  • Pre-Production Tools:  Location requests; Interview requests; Story-based interview questions
  • Online access to visual story training videos
  • Ongoing support for 2 months including unlimited email support


$4,000 + travel


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