Telling your story is hard.
I get it.

For over 15 years I’ve been telling other people’s stories through client and personal documentary work. I see how people struggle but I also avoided telling my own story.

So if you are finding it difficult to tell your own story, or you’ve tried over and over and just can’t seem to get something that feels like you, I get you.

One of the challenges to telling your story is finding the time, energy and patience necessary to ask yourself the questions that lead to key insights into the core messages you want to share.

Often the best way to do this is to talk it out to someone who listens with an objective ear and can give solid feedback. My role as a filmmaker / storyteller has been to listen and bring out the best in people's stories. This is what I aim to do with all of my key signature story programs.

The story development process is the key to a successful video.

It also underlies a successful business, art career, or creative career.

My favorite part of the video production process has been the act of discovering the story, whether that be through conversations, documentary interviews, research or field visits.

My role is to listen for those moments of resonance; of passion, pain, surprise, laughter, and joy that slip out when you forget your filter. Behind the layers of should and must together we uncover and your story, one that feels like you, whether that you is one person or an organization.

In fact, I was looking for someone to do the same thing for me, to ask me the transformation questions and listen for resonance.

After trying to find this other person for five years, paying coaches, taking writing programs, hiring editors, I ended up disappointed each time, I finally decided to take my questions and ask myself. I journaled my responses. And I read my writing, looking for what jumped off the page.

Finally, I had my story. 

Now I am here to help you find YOUR story



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