Can forgiveness help you tell your story?

Happy 2019!

This blog is for creatives who are struggling to tell their story. You may be wondering why at the first of the year I’m talking about forgiveness rather than resolutions or goals.

I woke up last week with a sense of guilt about the blog. I had made a commitment to myself to write every week, and within two weeks of making that commitment I had been writing but not posting.

So I found myself having to forgive myself in order to move forward. 

It is not unlike the process of working on your story. I’ve worked with clients big and small that get caught up at the beginning because of various types of blocks.

Forgiveness isn’t the only one but it is a big one. Even if you don’t think you need forgiveness, keep reading, the exercise below can be helpful for a variety of block.

When might you need forgiveness?

Have you found yourself procrastinating on writing your bio or about me page or creating your about me video?

Maybe you have a deadline and set aside time to work on it but find yourself cleaning the kitchen floor instead. Or just then you suddenly come down with a headache and need to take a nap.

If so, self-forgiveness might be the key to allow you to get clear and craft your story.

Here’s why forgiveness works.

When you have resistance, there is generally good reason. And that reason is usually related to emotional blocks, not personality traits. 

However, when resistance comes up, we humans tend to label ourselves as bad or lazy or avoiding.

That only compounds the problem. Instead of clearing one emotional block, we now have two – the original block, plus the new identity block.

An easy way to navigate this resistance.

Rather than labeling yourself as bad, lazy, fill-in-the-blank, get curious and forgive.

Ask yourself the following questions

1. Why am I having a difficult time writing my story?

2. Where am I stuck?

Then journal or mind map what comes up.

You may see a pattern of judgmental thoughts. Here is your opportunity to forgive.

However, you may actually find you have questions about story structure or approach. In this case, you now know what you need to learn to take the next step in creating your story.

 The act of forgiving.

Ultimately, a strong story comes from a place of embracing who you are.  

Forgiveness is an active way to accept yourself. You say yes, I did that and I’m okay.  Yes, that happened and I’m okay. Yes, that didn’t happen and I’m okay.

You accept yourself.

Acknowledging your wishes, mistakes, mishaps is healing.

And from that place you can accept the fact and move on or you can make an action plan to make a change.

If you are not happy about missing a deadline you can forgive yourself and plan to get it done this year. 

If you’re unhappy about not getting a grant or accolade, decide to research other opportunities and strategies.  

Forgiving yourself lets you move forward and unsticks blocks that prevent you from talking about yourself from an authentic space.

Close the loop.

Once you go through the exercise of forgiveness. Take a few moments to write down your wins.

What are 20 accomplishments you can site, large or small?

For example:

Learning a new program. Attending that networking event that you always wanted to check out. Joining a co-working space. Setting up a creative routine.

For too many creatives talking about themselves gets them out of their comfort zone. And sometimes they prefer to do their work and stay clear of communicating about themselves or their work.

I know. I’ve been there. But I see the act of sharing your story as an opportunity for growth.

You’re going to have doubts and fears but the more you can let go of the more energy you’ll have to move forward with your creative work. 

So if you find yourself stuck whether it be at the beginning of the year or later when you are reading this post, take 10-15 minutes to ask yourself these simple questions, listen to yourself and practice a few moments of forgiveness.

I am wishing you a happy and creative year ahead!