PODCAST SEASON 2: The Art of Listening

When I started my podcast, This Beautiful Shot is Not an Accident, I was inspired by the craft of filmmaking.

There are hundreds of details, sometimes in a single shot, that add to the final experience of a well-crafted film. From the sounds that you want to exclude or include, how the time of day, or season of the years influences the lighting, to the presence of wind rippling through trees causing movement in the shadows of leaves on the ground.  

The details make up a world, a world that has a specific look and feel. The way these details are structured creates meaning. 

When we don’t think about these details, what meaning are we sharing?

When we create content just to fill spaces, will we look back one day and feel like the impact is similar to the plastic debris strewn throughout our oceans.

As we collectively produce more and more content for consumption, I thought it would be interesting to step back and reflect on the craft and how each detail impacts the work that we produce and the stories we tell.

This series is not full of tips and tricks but rather shares reflections on the ingredients of storytelling. It is about the space before the act of writing or filming, the space of thinking, dreaming, and imagining.

In the first season, I spoke to activists, organizers and marketers using stories to influence social change.

This season I am interviewing artists and writers about the art of listening. 

Art, creativity and storytelling all involve a lot of faith. They also require experimentation, willingness to try and fail, and the ability to learn and try again. 

I want to help creatives tell better stories because I think that creative humans are doing the work that will make our communities and our planet a better place.

And I chose the subject of listening for this season because I think it is something as a world we are needing to do. We need to listen more closely and more creatively. We need to listen to others, but also to ourselves and our environments.

The artists in this series share their personal ways of listening that they’ve developed through their art practices, be that dance, music, writing, choreography, painting or philosophy.

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This season starts August 8. We’ll looking forward to sharing this with you soon!

Photo credit: Lucio Kerber Canabarro