In their own words 

City Stories are a video mosaic of the voices and ideas that shape your city.

They invite audiences to share a deeper connection with your city.

When people feel connected, they have more authentic experiences, and want to stay longer.

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The Power of
Authentic Stories

I’m one of those travelers who is looking for authentic experiences. Like many travelers, I started booking Airbnbs because I like the connection I feel to the city from the stories shared by my host.

More travelers are looking for authentic local experiences, from staying in homes to seeking out local foods and experiences that provide an insider view of the place.

Travel blogger videos and tourist videos often lack the power that comes from hearing local stories from local people.

The best stories come from personal experiences.
That is what I help you share.

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My Connection
to Cities

Over the past year I’ve been documenting the parks of Berlin, talking to the people there, and creating little windows into the city.

I’ve lived in many cities from New York to New Delhi, San Francisco, to Japan (a small city there), and now Berlin.

It has been my mission to share stories of people who usually do not find a place in mainstream media.

City stories provide an invitation for travelers to connect with the people of your city.

This is the best that travel offers, an opportunity to get to know other people and through this connection, to provide a window into oneself.

Do you have a city story you want to tell?


Some of my city videos…

Filmed in Berlin, weaving together interviews with over 15 people who responded to the questions:
What inspires you about Otto Lilienthal, the first man to take flight?
What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

I spoke to the people behind the scenes running one of Berlin’s open air cinemas and share there story as part of

Bike advocacy in the Bicycle Kingdom? Take a look at biking in Beijing today with bike advocate Shannon Bufton, co-founder of the Beijing based Smarter than Car advocacy group.