Ready to turn up your confidence
and get your work seen?

Sharing ideas you care about,
but others don’t seem to “get,” is hard.
It takes time and effort to get these ideas into the world.

The CORE NARRATIVE WORKSHOP is a 5-part program designed to help you:

  • Have the confidence to talk about your work with anyone.

  • Feel good about the work you are doing.

  • Stay positive and get unstuck when roadblocks appear.

  • Create an inner knowing that you are going in the right direction.

  • Develop a tolerance for risk to get out of your comfort zone.

  • Know what to say when you need to describe your work!


Think of this like the Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)
meets Show Your Work (Austin Kleon)
meets Oprah
meets your own inner Story Coach.

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The best way to get your work out into the world is to feel good and have confidence about what you are doing.



lessons, worksheets, motivation, story structure guidance
Gain confidence and clarity to bring your vision to life.

Here are the 5-Steps to craft your narrative
so you can share your work with confidence.


Step 1:
Understanding Your
and What

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Step 2:
Understanding Your
Audience’s Journey

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Step 3:
Defining Your Solution

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Step 4:
Removing Roadblocks

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Step 5:
Crafting Your Story

As an independent musician, I have so many things to do. Website, bio, pictures, posters, fliers, emails. The workshop helped create the text. When you said, “this part touched me, you should use it” for example, this was very interesting. I think everyone who has a project, who is doing everything alone, needs some help, feedback and distance.
— Marion Raualt, experimental bass player


With clarity comes confidence.

Feeling good about your work involves understanding why you are doing the work you’ve chosen and how your work fits into the world.

Sometimes we get lost on the way to our dreams. We get excited about a direction and then run across roadblocks and after a few of these we forget why we are doing what we are doing. We lose steam, we lose sight of our goals, and maybe even feel like giving up.

Or because of our interests or life circumstances, we find ourselves changing direction.

This doesn’t mean you are going the wrong direction.

Often times, it means you need time to step back and reconnect with yourself and take another look at who you want your work to impact.

This is a great time to go through this workshop, to bring clarity to your ideas.


Sharing your story and getting your work seen is easier than you think


Opportunities happen
when you show up.

The more confidence you have about your work, the easier it is to make connections and do the work you need to do to get your work seen, including:

  • networking at social events

  • reaching out to press and media

  • applying for funding

  • offering your work for sale

Opportunities happen when you put yourself out there and talk confidently about what you do.




Are you ready to clarify your core narrative?

  • To feel more comfortable in your skin?

  • Have writing and talking about your work feel more effortless?

  • Feel happier about the direction you are taking with your work?

If so, I invite you to join the CORE NARRATIVE WORKSHOP where I guide you through the process of uncovering your core narrative while providing tools to help you through the mental and emotional challenges that arise during this self examination.

I also provide story tools. You’ll be equipped to share your story in writing and in person.

Here is what you get over 5-weeks:

  • 21-days of Email Exercises and Journal Prompts

  • Weekly Encouragement

  • Core Narrative Worksheets

  • Story Templates

  • Artist Statement Guidelines

  • Website Worksheet

  • Grant Application Worksheet

You will finish the five weeks and have a clear idea of the stories you tell yourself, an understanding your audience’s journey, and will connect the dots to create a story that has impact.


Because you and your work are worth it!

VIP Level

I offer 1:1 and group coaching to guide you through the workshop.

  • Includes a goal setting call.

  • Weekly check-in calls.

  • Weekly Slack support.

  • Opportunities to test out your message and get professional feedback.

  • Two weeks of support at the end of the 5 weeks to hone 3 of your core story elements (artist statement, bio, about me page, video script, and/or press bio)


You get my undivided attention for two 1:1 calls and work the main program self-directed.

  • 30-minute intro call where you share your goals, your challenges and your current message

  • On the introductory call I guide you how to maximize the program

  • 30-minute check-out call where I’m available to talk about any questions you may have

  • Monthly group calls where you can ask questions

  • Facebook group where you can get support and share your progress

Investment: $197

Payment by Paypal. 10-day money back guarantee.

Emails start the first Monday after purchase.