Story Tune-Up

Sometimes you just need to talk out an idea.

You may want someone to listen to what you want to say and reflect on how you are saying, not project what they would say.

Get your story ready for your next grant, presentation, partner meeting or press release.

The Tune-Up is a deep dive into your narrative for a specific use-case. This is available to you if you have an upcoming grant proposal or presentation and you want to bring clarity to the way you talk about your work.

Think of this as having an objective, professional sounding board for your idea.

I provide an objective set of eyes and ears. I ask questions to help you clarify your audience and their expectations and the read or listen to your story and help you clarify if your message is reaching that audience. Using story techniques from documentary editing, we explore ways to strengthen your story. Editing. Emphasizing. Reorganizing.

Often I hear from people who have too many goals for one story or they don’t yet know their audience or their audiences wants and needs. In this tune-up I bring in relevant exercises from the Core Narrative program to help you strengthen your current presentation and present your ideas with confidence.


Intake form: Look at your audience and your goals. Share your current story.

Story Workshop 1:1 Session – 45 min: We review where you are now, your goals of where you want to be and dive into your story. At the end of this workshop we come up with a game plan for adjusting your story, strengthening the structure for your desired impact. I provide you with a story structure guide and you go back and make the changes.

Story Finessing Session – 45 min: In this session we review the changes,


Your story tuned-up, focused on your audience’s journey and sharing your story in a way that feels true to you.

Investment: $197