I help clients tell authentic stories and translate ideas into visual/audio stories,

for the web, social media and the big screen,

creating short form videos that allows clients to build a personal and emotional connection with their audience.

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The Power of
Authentic Stories

Authentic stories are genuine and sincere. As humans we resonate with stories that feel true.

I help my clients share stories that resonate and feel true. Truth can be told through documentary or fiction storytelling techniques. What is important is that the what is being shared feels true to the audience.

Authentic stories create a space for your audience to feel.

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Do you have a story you want to tell?


Full Service Video Production

Crafting the message.

Developing the story structure.

Planning the production schedule.

Getting the right team in place.

Creating a video that you feel proud to share.

Script Review

Perfect if you already have your script or your idea.

You want another set of eyes on it with over 10 years of video storytelling experience.

You have technical questions you want answered.


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