Are you a creative human or change maker motivated by ideas more than money?

But do you find it difficult to explain your work?


As a story consultant, I help creative humans like you develop your core narrative and leverage tools like storytelling and video to share your ideas with confidence and get your work seen.



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As creatives, we need to tell our stories- whether that be on our website about page or as we pitch our work to a funder.

Stop the noise inside your head (judgment, self-doubt, over-analyzing, perfectionism) find your voice, and share your story with confidence.

Clarity brings confidence, confidence creates opportunities.



Story is the most powerful communication tool in the world.

You have the power to change how the reader sees the world, how they see themselves, what they go out and do in the world.

– Lisa Cron, from Wired for Story, CreativeLive



I’m Laura,

I’m a filmmaker, video artist and story consultant, and my mission is to provide content and tools that give voice to creative change makers.