We all need to share our story.
Why is it so difficult to do so?


I help creative entrepreneurs who are struggling to explain what they do and why they do it.

I help them find their voice and share their story so they can finally communicate their value, and pursue the work they love.


I also help cities tell their stories by creating video mosaics of the diverse voices and ideas that shape their city.

These are video invitations, sharing authentic stories, that inspire a deeper connection with a city.


Why Story


Story is the most powerful communication tool in the world.

You have the power to change how the reader sees the world, how they see themselves, what they go out and do in the world.

– Lisa Cron, from Wired for Story, CreativeLive


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There is no formula for good storytelling. And you can’t hire a rock star writer and automatically get a good story.

The key to telling a good story is finding the emotional journey. Your emotional journey starts with you.

I believe that everyone has the power to tell their story.

No gurus necessary.

I’ve designed a 5-step process to get you there.




I wear many hats. I’m managing multiple projects and have many time commitments at all times. It was a relief to know that Laura’s years in marketing and film production allowed her to go away and come up with solid ideas for our videos. She crafted stories that we love.
— Chiara Sani, Development Director, The Bowman School