Video is a powerful way to bring your story to life.

But figuring out what to say and how to say it on different platforms can be overwhelming.


Ready to get better results?  


online video strategy

Creating video for an online audience is about creating content that people will seek out as well as stumble upon and actually want to watch.  Film it and they will watch is a thing of the past.  Achieving engagement starts with a plan.  Click here to learn more. 

online video production

Video production is more than just pointing a camera at your subject, it requires the skill to capture a mood and an emotion that will make a connection with your audience.  The art of filmmaking is about making the invisible, visible.  Click here to learn more.

Laura delivers results ... perfectly tailored videos that feature insightful interviews that hit all the right notes in a succinct amount for time, optimized for social media and marketing purposes.
— Savage Bell, Executive Producer, Digital Video Services, IBM