Personal Stories Help Bridge Divides

Personal Stories Help Bridge Divides

How can social change and purpose driven organizations break through all the negative messaging that is dominating the media today? 

Personal stories provide a means connecting with audiences, building empathy and inspiring change. 

But where do you start?

In Creating Video that Bridges Divides I outline four factors for sharing personal stories in a way that helps you connect more deeply with audiences.

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Announcing STORIES FOR CHANGE, a new series on YouTube

Storytelling helps you connect with your audience and get your message out so you can make a bigger impact in the world.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to do this.  All social media and online platforms are now emphasizing video.  Yes, video is one of the most complicated forms of communication to make but the benefits are huge.


Over the next 12 weeks I’ll be launching one video a week of a new mini-series, Stories for Change.

In this series I’ll be sharing tips for using video and storytelling for social change.  I cover topics that will help you get started so you can begin your next video project with more confidence of making the impact you set out to achieve. 

Join me over on YouTube.  Subscribe to the channel to get notices of each new episode. 


I look forward to seeing you there!


Deep Content and what this means for online video

Deep Content and what this means for online video

With of the rise of micro-content, we are seeing the rise of deep content.

Not only are television producers creating more and more binge worthy content, but now content creators are curating deep content by telling the many facets of a story through a series of articles or a dedicated web platform. 

People love to dive deep into topics they are interested in, whether that is through searching YouTube, using the web to research different facets of the story, or spending time on a curated site.

Is your video failing because of TMI

Is your video failing because of TMI

’ve been working with social change organizations for some time, and before that I was working with technologists and before that I was studying economics in India.  And for as wonky as economics is, my professors got it right.  They taught us through stories.

Stories make even the most abstract ideas accessible.

The one thing that stops a story in its tracks – too much information.  Too many details.  Too much jargon.